Our Quality


It is the Policy of PME Babbitt Bearings to produce products of such quality that they will reliably perform their intended function so that the company is recognized as THE QUALITY LEADER for Babbitt bearing and bearing related component repairs. Our customers expect us to provide quality products, meet their turnaround times, and have competitive pricing.

PME Babbitt Bearings is committed to:

  • Meeting or exceeding our customer’s needs and expectations.
  • Ensuring that the company cost effectively produces the highest quality products, while providing on time deliveries.
  • Implementing and maintaining the ISO Certified Quality Management System.
  • Striving for zero defects.
  • Establishing quality targets for product and process improvement.
  • Measuring how we are doing with audits and reviews.
  • Taking preventative and/or corrective actions to eliminate future problems.
  • Monitoring, measuring where applicable, and analyzing the Quality Management System’s processes, including any non-conformities.
  • Implementing actions necessary to achieve continuous improvements in quality and productivity.
Our Quality
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